We received some questions about the Backup/Restore strategy we use to safeguard the data of IOCX friends. This page will be the place where we document our backups.

We are using the built-in backup service of Linode, which is documented here: Linode Docs - Backup

The Linode Backup service automatically keeps the two most recent weekly backups and the most recent daily backup. The weekly backup is defined as the one that is created on Mondays.

Backups are created daily between 2 - 4am (PST).

The following virtual machines are backed up:

  • ioc-postgres (includes the PotgreSQL database of our instance)
  • ioc-redis (includes all the sidekiq queues and some stats in Redis)
  • ioc-mastodon (includes most of the configuration files of our instance)
  • ioc-wiki (includes this wiki)

Media files of the IOCX instance are stored on AWS S3 and we do not back them up.

We use restores from backups frequently to scale some of our services horizontally. So far all restorations from Linode backups have been successful.