Wow! It has been a wild couple of months since the birdsite started its descent :-P

Out of the sudden we grew from roughly 2500 infosec friends to more than 20,000 infosec enthusiasts - Welcome to the party everyone!

So, what does that mean - 20,000 ?

  • It means double the amount of servers.
  • It means roughly 200 reports per month to deal with.
  • It means a lot of fun!!!

I'm very grateful for @alaric and @cstromblad - Our new Admin/Mod team members. Both have been paramount for our community in the last couple of weeks - Please express your gratitude, when you see them online!

In October the cost of running #IOCX was less than $50/month. In November the costs sky-rocketed to $743/month - Here is the breakdown of the costs:
$355 Linode Server Hosting
$340 AWS Cloudfront
$48 AWS S3

Luckily we received roughly $1000 in donations, so the costs of running the instance was covered for November. For December's costs we still need some more donations, so if you can afford to contribute, please do on our BuyMeACoffee page.

All members of the Admin/Mod team are and always will be volunteers and receive no compensation for their time.

There is always more to do of course. Here are some ideas for improvements that we will work on in the coming weeks:

  • Move the database to faster storage to improve performance
  • Increasing the character limit per post
  • Lowering the costs of running the instance by replacing AWS Cloudfront with an nginx based proxy setup
  • Adding a Translation feature based on LibreTranslate
  • Register a DMCA agent

Please keep feedback coming and Have Fun and Stay Safe!