Happy New Year! It is time for another transparency report!

In December we grew to roughly 23,500 InfoSec friends. That is in increase of more than 3k - Welcome to #IOCX Everyone!

Our Moderators dealt with roughly 100 reports in December - A 50% decrease - Way to go friends!

Remember: Our Mods are volunteers, so be nice and show gratitude when you see @alaric and @cstromblad online!

In December the cost of running #IOCX was $898 - Here is the breakdown of the costs:
$312 Linode Server Hosting
$586 AWS Cloudfront + S3

Donations and memberships amounted to $716 for the month of December. Luckily we had $250 left over from November, so we were able to cover the running costs of the instance. A very big shout-out to everyone who already supported or supports #IOCX - It is much appreciated!

We will work on reducing running costs in the next couple of weeks, but we will also need a bit more contributions in January. If you can, please contribute on our BuyMeACoffee page.

In December we were able to execute on the following improvements:

  • Move the database to faster storage to improve performance
  • Increasing the character limit per post

With that we now support 1024 characters per post and some of you have made good use of that freedom already - Keep rocking!

There is always more to do of course. Here are some ideas for improvements that we will work on in the coming weeks:

  • Lowering the costs of running the instance by running storage clean-up scripts more frequently
  • Lowering the costs of running the instance by replacing AWS Cloudfront with an nginx based proxy setup
  • Adding a Translation feature based on LibreTranslate
  • Register a DMCA agent

Please keep feedback coming and Have Fun and Stay Safe!