Dear Hackers!

In January we grew to roughly 24,300 InfoSec friends. That is in increase of 800 additional friends - Welcome to #IOCX Everyone!

Our Moderators dealt with ~40 reports in January - A more than 50% decrease - Way to go friends!

Remember: Our Mods are volunteers, so be nice and show gratitude when you see @alaric and @cstromblad online!

In January the cost of running #IOCX was $476, our efforts to minimize hosting costs brought down the costs by $420 :-) - Here is the breakdown of the January costs:
$298 Linode Server Hosting
$178 AWS Cloudfront (retired during the month) + S3

Donations and memberships amounted to $374 for the month of January - Together with $68 of left-overs from previous months, that covered $442 of the $476 costs. The rest @seb covered with his personal funds. A very big shout-out to everyone who already supported or supports #IOCX - It is much appreciated! Everyone, who hasn't contributed: Please consider contributing financially through our BuyMeACoffee page.

In January we were able to execute on the following improvements:

  • Lowering the costs of running the instance by running storage clean-up scripts more frequently
  • Lowering the costs of running the instance by replacing AWS Cloudfront with an nginx based proxy setup

With that we now decreased the monthly costs of running this instance to under $500.

There is always more to do of course. Here are some ideas for improvements that we will work on in the coming weeks:

  • Adding a Translation feature based on LibreTranslate
  • Register a DMCA agent

Please keep feedback coming and Have Fun and Stay Safe!