Dear Hackers!

In the third quarter we grew to roughly 26,000 InfoSec friends. That is an increase of 100 additional friends - Welcome to #IOCX Everyone!

There were no changes to the team - tellyworth and Troed are doing an excellent job keeping this instance safe. Please express your gratitude when you see them online!

The cost of running #IOCX has stabilized around $350 per month - Here is the breakdown of the monthly costs:
~$300 Linode Server Hosting
~$50 AWS S3

Donations and memberships amounted to an average of $275 per month. The rest of the costs @seb covered with his personal funds. A very big shout-out to everyone who already supported or supports #IOCX - It is much appreciated! Everyone, who hasn't contributed yet: Please consider contributing financially through our BuyMeACoffee page.

In Q3 we were able to execute on the following improvements:

  • Upgraded to Mastodon v4.2 relatively quickly after it was released
  • Added ability to assign badges to friends, who donate monthly (Please reach out to @seb if you'd like such badge assigned to your user account.)

There is always more to do of course. Here are some ideas for improvements for the future:

  • Adding a Translation feature based on LibreTranslate
  • Register a DMCA agent

Please keep feedback coming - Have Fun and Stay Safe!