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This wiki tries to be a practical guide based on the theories of multiple cybersecurity frameworks. It aims to provide a comprehensive but easy to understand and easy to navigate source of knowledge for information security professionals. The overarching goal is helping interested individuals to enter the field of information security and start/advance a cybersecurity career.
Blue Team KB Red Team KB
InfoSec Strategy Career Corner

This wiki has 4 main knowledge areas:

  • Blue Team KB (1200+ words) includes everything you need to know about defending networks, systems, and identities. The knowledge base is organized by cybersecurity function (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover).
  • Red Team KB (9 words) includes everything you need to know about testing networks, systems, and identities. It goes through the general penetration testing methodology and introduces a lot of pen-testing tools.
  • InfoSec Strategy (14 words) is were you can read about prioritization of defense tasks/projects, metrics and KPIs, maturity assessments, compliance requirements, and intra-org politics.
  • Career Corner (750+ words) has advice on how to start a career in cybersecurity, things like how to connect with other cyber professionals, how to start giving talks, and how to start your own cybersecurity consulting business.

Cybersecurity Collections:

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